Cynan Jones

Writer of short novels

The Long Dry

Waking up early to check the cattle, Gareth notices one of the calving cows is missing. He sets off to find her as again the day breaks to relentless summer sun.

His cares distract him: the future of his land; his wife’s headaches and how she seems to be turning away from him. As the heat builds, Gareth finds himself searching for more than just a missing cow.

The Long Dry, 2nd edition cover

” … like looking at an impressionist painting. I’m in awe. Jones has written a stunning book.” Jo Verity

“… a paean to the corruptibility of the flesh… characterised by moments of startling imagery and stirringly intense lyrical beauty… A wee, wonderful book.” Niall Griffiths

“The best book I’ve read all year.” Andrew Davies

The Long Dry won a Betty Trask Award from the Society of Authors in 2007, and saw the author nominated as the Hay Festival Scritture Giovani 2008.

long dry COVER(hi-res)

Buy online from: Amazon / Waterstone’s / Parthian The Book Depository

  • Paperback: 119 pages
  • Publisher: Parthian; 1st edition (2006), 2nd edition (16 July 2007)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1905762585
  • ISBN-13: 978-1905762583

“Jones’s understanding of the shifting map of the human body and mind, how it affects our lives, and how it relates to the world outside of us is profound.” Tracy Falke





La lunga siccità, Gioia Guerzoni’s translation of the novel into Italian (ISBN Edizione, April 2009)




Mona de Practonal’s French translation, Longue sécheresse, (Joelle Losfeld, 2010)





Ahmend Ibrahim’s Arabic translation, Al Jafaf Altaweel, (Sphinx, 2008)





The Long Dry and The Dig translated together by Kıvanç Güney, (Yapi Kredi, Aug. 2015)

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