Cynan Jones

Writer of short novels

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Letter from Wales – written for Granta Magazine, online.

Milk – written for The Lampeter Review

Aberarth – written for Wales Arts Review as part of their project to create a ‘fictional map’ of Wales. Appurtenant notes and sketches to the story are here, and an attendant map, here.

The Buzzard – written for the Scritture Giovani project, 2008, on the theme  ‘Sunshine‘ – also translated into Italian, Turkish and German.

Granta Britain

The Dig – from the forthcoming novel of the same name, in Granta 119: Britain, May 2012; shortlisted for the 2013 Sunday Times EFG Private Bank Short Story Award.

Hear the author talk about The Dig: with Ted Hodgkinson of Granta Magazine; on the New Welsh Review podcast.

The Fart


The Fart – Kindle mini story, available from Amazon


 Book of  a Lifetime

My book of a lifetime, for the Independent, March 2015.

Author’s Notes

“Put the nets out. Write. Everything else is a side effect…”  Cynan Jones – Author’s Notes, Western Mail, 7th April 2012

Know your limits

Falling out of a kayak in a squall.  Five Minute Memoir, The Independent, 16th December

Brazilian Diary

FLIP and FLUPP  – A fleeting visit to Brazil with The British Council and Granta Magazine. Brief notes from a brief trip


Richard and Judy's Winning Stories

Children’s story The Piano Player’s Hands chosen for Richard & Judy’s Winning Stories, (Chrysalis 2003).

urban welsh

The Babysitter, from the novella After the Factory in Parthian’s Urban Welsh anthology, 2005.

sing sorrow sorrow

The Epilept, in Seren’s haunting collection Sing, Sorrow, Sorrow (2010)

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