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Writer of short novels

Granta acquires ‘searing’ novel by Cynan Jones

14.01.13 | Charlotte Williams – THE BOOKSELLER

Granta has acquired a “searing short novel”, The Dig, by Welsh author Cynan Jones.

Executive publisher Philip Gwyn Jones bought world English language rights in it, as well as Jones’ next, unwritten novel, from Euan Thorneycroft of A M Heath, at auction. The book is built on the interlocking fates of a badger-baiter and a disconsolate farmer, and set in a stark rural setting.

Granta will publish in early 2014. Gywn Jones said: “Jones writes of the physiology of grief and the isolation of loss with piercing brilliance, and about the simple rawness of animal existence with a naturalist’s unsentimental eye . . . There is something of Ross Raisin’s millstone-grit plainess about the book. There is not a whiff of the bucolic pastoral or the romanticized sod here.

The Dig crackles with compressed energy and it swells to fill more space than at first glance it occupies.”

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  1. Great news! Can’t wait to get it!

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